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Annual scoping meeting 

The OPTN's annual scoping meeting to discuss themes for next year will be held Tuesday 21 June, 1-2pm (online)

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Postgraduate taught programmes face unique challenges, requiring tailored approaches and solutions. A number of innovative approaches have been developed across the university and the Oxford Postgraduate Teaching Network offers an opportunity to share that expertise and to develop new solutions.

The network brings together academic and learning support staff involved in postgraduate taught programmes to share good practice, and provide resources and support for course design, teaching, delivery and assessment methods. 

It was piloted in the Medical Sciences Division (MSD) in 2020-21, in a collaboration between the Centre for Teaching and Learning and MSD teaching staff, and in 2021-22 it expanded to include the Mathematical, Physical and Life Sciences Division. 

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Teaching staff identified some of the challenges and opportunities for development in postgraduate teaching. It was agreed the following five themes would be the initial focus of future meetings:  

  1. Diversifying assessment.
  2. Developing critical thinking skills.
  3. Helping tutors to support student mental health.   
  4. Redesigning programmes; implementing change and innovation.
  5. Feedback and student understanding of assessment criteria.  

Future themes will be determined by network participants.

Format for meetings

Meetings will be 90 minutes long and held on Wednesdays from 12.30-2pm. Presentations will be recorded with permission and shared on the network Canvas resource for network members to view at any time. 

Each meeting will focus on a theme and might typically include: 

  • Short presentations related to the theme. 
  • Tutor and student perspective.
  • Opportunity for small group discussions.
  • Updates on continuing professional development opportunities for staff involved in PGT.

The next meeting of the Oxford Postgraduate Teaching Network (OPTN) will be our annual scoping meeting to discuss themes for next year's meetings and workshops.

The meeting will be held from 1-2pm on Tuesday 21 June (online via Teams).

There will be opportunity to:

  • hear a summary of network feedback to date
  • discuss potential future meeting themes with other members of the network
  • share your priorities for PGT (Postgraduate Taught) teaching and learning. 

If you can't attend, you can share your thoughts and suggestions via this short, 4 question, anonymous form

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