AI and academic practice

Generative AI and its uses in academic contexts is developing rapidly. Please see below a list of related articles and reports we have published to-date.

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Oxford guidance and advice

AI in teaching and assessment

View the Russell Group principles and Oxford's position on the University's Academic Support website

An introduction to the use of generative AI tools in teaching

Published in December 2023, this Oxford Teaching Idea provides 10 ideas on the use of AI to support students in their learning, together with suggested responses for teaching.

Advice for students on the use of generative AI tools to support learning

Published in January 2024, this study skills advice for students complements our resources for staff and aligns with relevant University policies. 

Use Generative AI services such as ChatGPT safely

Third-party security assessment from the Oxford Information Security team.

Reports and analysis

Beyond ChatGPT: The state of generative AI in academic practice for autumn 2023

Published in October 2023, this report seeks to provide an overview of the key developments in generative AI relevant to academic practice that extend beyond ChatGPT.

Four lessons from ChatGPT: Challenges and opportunities for educators

Published in February 2023, this article summarises some of the lessons from the reactions to the release of ChatGPT in late November 2022.

Resources from our colleagues in other areas of the University​

Read the article AI in Oxford: experiments, tools and ways of working (8 Dec 2023)

Read the articles from the Digital Innovation Lab (IT Services), as it experimented with synthetic content generated by AI: