Digital Education Technologies User Group

Designed to provide all staff at Oxford with a forum for discussion with other users and learning technologists, the Digital Education Technologies User Group explores the use of digital tools to support flexible and inclusive teaching and learning at Oxford.

The group discusses tools including, but not limited to:

It is facilitated and administered by the Centre for Teaching and Learning, but is staff led and focussed.

Users are defined as academics, administrators, librarians and all teaching staff. Student engagement takes place through a separate student user group.

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A supportive online space to seek advice

A Digital Education Technologies User Group Team has been created in MS Teams.  

The Team is for anyone interested in discussing how digital tools can support flexible and inclusive teaching and learning.

It provides a supportive space to ask questions and seek advice from digital technology experts, as well as peers.   

As a member of the Team, you can post questions and share hints and tips about all technologies used for teaching and learning, including Canvas, Panopto, ORLO, Microsoft Teams, H5P, and Vevox.  

Sign up to join the new User Group Team.

Termly meetings

The Centre for Teaching and Learning also facilitates a termly meeting of the Digital Education Technologies User Group.

All staff, including academics, administrators and librarians, are welcome to attend. 

Meetings provide a chance for staff to hear about new developments and upcoming improvements in digital technologies at Oxford, as well as join small group discussions to ask questions and seek advice from colleagues and digital technology experts. 

To receive invitations to future meetings, please sign up to join the User Group Team.

The Digital Education Technologies User Group will support Oxford University’s use of digital technologies for teaching and learning purposes.  

Membership of the Digital Education Technologies User Group (user group) will be drawn from across all divisions of the collegiate University and the group will discuss the use of technologies including, but not limited to, the following: Canvas (the University’s centrally supported virtual learning environment), ORLO (Oxford Reading Lists Online), Panopto (Replay Lecture Capture), Microsoft Teams, Cabinet and any other technologies used to support teaching and learning at Oxford.  

User group activity  

The user group will be facilitated and administered by the Centre for Teaching and Learning, although it will be user-led and focussed. 

Users are defined as academics, administrators and other teaching staff; separate arrangements exist for students who will input as and when required.   

The user group will meet once a term as agreed. Its remit will ideally include:    

  • the general promotion of the use of digital tools and technologies for teaching and learning at Oxford 

  • proactively finding ways to deliver on the University’s strategic objectives using digital technologies   

  • sharing and developing best practice use of digital tools and technologies across the University and providing a supportive environment in which innovation and experimentation is actively encouraged 

  • using the group to share and resolve issues  

  • working with students as equal partners in the use and development of digital technologies  

  • actively championing the use of digital technologies within faculties/departments  

  • updating faculties and departments on important developments from the user group meetings.  

The Centre for Teaching and Learning will have a small, but important set of outputs including:    

  • supporting the user group in identifying and delivering the benefits which will realise the University’s strategic objectives 

  • delivering important technical/configuration updates 

  • updating on Centre for Teaching and Learning activities which support teaching and learning with digital technologies  

  • identifying user support and training requirements  

  • sharing and communicating roadmap developments, especially in relation to Canvas  

  • updating on any activity which might impact on the use of digital technologies at Oxford.  

User group reporting   

The Centre for Teaching and Learning will support the user group with a summary of outcomes after each meeting, to ensure actions are followed up on and group objectives realised.  

A summary of proceedings from each user group meeting will also be shared with the University Education Committee at its Michaelmas term meetings. 

All staff at Oxford, including academics, administrators and librarians, were invited to a meeting of the Digital Education Technologies User Group on Thursday 16 June, 11am–12.30pm on Teams.

View the meeting outline below.

The recording and slide set from the meeting are available to view (SSO required). 

Time Duration Topic
11am 5 mins Welcome
11.05am 25 mins New developments and upcoming improvements in Canvas, Teams, Panopto (Replay) and ORLO (Oxford Reading Lists Online) 
11.30am 5 mins

A Common Framework for Digitally Enabled Inclusive Teaching 

This presentation will provide a short introduction to the Framework and call for volunteers from divisions, departments, faculties or course teams who are interested in trialling the Framework and providing feedback on it.

Presenter: Dr Jane Taylor, Educational Development Consultant (Inclusion), Centre for Teaching and Learning

11.35am 30 mins

Small group discussions: Getting ready for 2022-23 

A chance to begin thinking about your preparation for the next academic year with colleagues and digital education technology experts. Share top tips, explore new ideas and have your questions answered  

12.05pm 10 mins

Introduction from the Bodleian Libraries’ new Copyright and Licencing Specialist  

Presenter: Chris Morrison, Copyright and Licensing Specialist, Bodleian Libraries 

12.15pm 15 mins

Inclusive Teaching Enhancements project: Making Canvas inclusive by design

Presenters: Natalie Burrows, Project Manager and Valerie Johnson, Communications Lead, Inclusive Teaching Enhancements project  


Meeting finish

Please note: staff are welcome to stay online to continue the conversation



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