Student Experience Internship Scheme

The Centre for Teaching and Learning's Student Experience Internship Scheme enables students to work in partnership with academics, educational developers and other stakeholders on defined projects that provide demonstrable benefits to students' learning experiences at Oxford.

The internship gave me invaluable practical experience that helped me hone my skills, exercise judgement, and make meaningful contributions to the project's objectives. This work experience will help me immensely as I advance in my chosen profession. Another aspect of my internship that I found extremely beneficial was the opportunity to build a professional network. I had the opportunity to interact with co-workers and industry professionals. These contacts will be helpful in my future endeavours, whether for career advice, potential job opportunities, or collaborations. Aside from professional development, my internship experience benefitted my personal development. I learned how to manage my time better, improved my communication and digital skills, and gained a better understanding of workplace dynamics. In any career, these soft skills are just as important as technical knowledge.

Samira Mohammed Ibn Moro, 2023 student partner

The partnership design of the internship creates a unique and mutually beneficial opportunity for students and staff to work together to co-design and carry out an educational project, drawing on each other's areas of expertise and ideas. Staff benefit from the new perspectives, innovative ideas, and fresh energy that students bring to the project, alongside their unique ability to connect with, learn from and understand current students—enabling staff to learn from students they usually wouldn’t be able to reach. Students, in turn, benefit from valuable opportunities to contribute to an impactful piece of work that will improve future students’ experiences, gain real-world experience working in higher education, and develop their research and professional skills.

Year on year, it is incredible to see how the Centre for Teaching and Learning internship is able to bring students and staff together to co-design impactful projects and take on a shared responsibility for bettering Oxford's student support structures.

As a staff member involved in these projects, I can vouch for how much we value the insights and expertise that the interns bring, having recently experienced what it is like to be students at Oxford. It is also so great to see how much each intern grows over the course of the internship, both in terms of their professional skills and their understanding that their opinions matter and are valued by the University. 

Lauren Bolz, Educational Development Project Officer, Centre for Teaching and Learning

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