Canvas and the processing of your personal data

This page provides information about how your personal data is processed in Canvas and the third party tools that are integrated with Canvas, such as Panopto (a tool also known as Replay Lecture Capture that is used to access recordings, eg lectures) and ORLO (a tool used to access online reading lists).

Oxford University is committed to handling personal data in a fair and transparent way.

As part of this commitment the University publishes information about how your data is processed in documents referred to as Privacy Notices or Privacy Policies.

Due to variations in the way data for different audiences, for example, students, staff, and applicants), there is a privacy notice/policy for each audience.

View the University’s privacy policies for students, staff and applicants.

Canvas and third party privacy policies

In addition to University privacy policies, the following are third party privacy policies that relate to Canvas and its associated tools:

Instructure privacy policy (Instructure is the supplier of Canvas).

Panopto privacy policy (relating to accessing recordings of lectures in Canvas courses).

Talis Aspire privacy policy (Talis Aspire is the platform that hosts ORLO [Oxford Reading Lists Online] in Canvas courses).

Turnitin privacy policy (relating to Turnitin-enabled assignments in Canvas courses).

Atomic Jolt privacy policy (relating to searching in Canvas courses).

Vevox privacy policy (relating to Polls conducted in Canvas courses).

H5P privacy policy (relating to interactive content in Canvas courses).

Microsoft privacy policy (relating to the use of Teams, OneNote and Office365 in Canvas courses).

X privacy policy (relating to the use of X streams in Canvas courses).

Vimeo privacy policy (relating to the use of Vimeo videos in Canvas courses).

YouTube privacy policy (relating to the use of YouTube videos in Canvas courses).