Free training sessions in MT22

Who should attend?

Any member of staff with access to Canvas, especially tutors, course convenors, teaching assistants, or course administrators.

What sessions are being held?

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Canvas fundamentals

Description: This session will introduce the basic features of the Canvas Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) for teachers and administrators. We will demonstrate tools to manage course content, settings and learning activities. 

Dates and times: Fri 28 Oct (11am-1pm), Mon 21 Nov (2-4pm), Mon 12 Dec (10am-12noon)  

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Canvas: Using the Assignments tool

Description: The Assignments tool in Canvas can be used to support formative assessment and offers a range of ways for both submitting work and offering feedback. In this short session we will demonstrate how to create an assignment and explain some of the options available. 

Date and time: Fri 11 Nov (12.30-1pm)

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Canvas: Using the Quiz tool

Description: Canvas provides a quiz tool which can be used to test understanding and provide additional learning resources for students. In this short session we will explain the basic principles of how the quiz tool operates in Canvas, what types of quiz format can be used, and explore question types available. We will also consider how question feedback can be added and demonstrate how quizzes can be placed alongside other content.

Date and time: Fri 21 Oct (12.30-1pm)

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Canvas: Using H5P to create interactive content

Description: H5P is an embedded toolset which can be used to author rich and interactive content within Canvas. Content types include quizzes, interactive video, enhanced presentations, and much more. It has a wide range of application across many different subject areas, from medicine to languages. This short session will introduce the tool within the context of Canvas, and demonstrate how to get started.

Date and time: Thu 17 Nov (12.30-1pm) 

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Canvas: Using the BBAlly plugin tool to improve course accessibility

Description: The Ally plugin tool is now available as an integral part of Canvas. This session will focus on how course owners can use it to improve the accessibility of their courses. It also allows students to download any document or page in Canvas in an alternative format such as audio or PDF. This brief introduction will cover core Ally functionality and key accessibility issues it identifies most frequently.

Date and time: Thu 20 Oct (12.30-1pm) 

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Teams sessions: Quick tips for sharing and interaction

Description: This session will showcase some quick tips for making Teams teaching more effective during online and Hybrid teaching. It will also focus on strategies to make the experience more fluent and less stressful.

Date and time: Thu 3 Nov (12.30-1pm) 

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Canvas: Integrating Teams into your Canvas course

Description: A number of methods are available within Canvas to integrate with Microsoft Teams to enable a more seamless experience between the two platforms for users. This brief introduction will describe these integrations and demonstrate how to use them in your Canvas courses.

Date and time: Wed 12 Oct (12.30-1pm) 

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Nexus 365: Using Nexus 365 for teaching and collaboration

Description: Word and PowerPoint are the most common tools used for creating teaching materials. But they can do so much more if you can take advantage of their many collaboration and communication features. To do this, it is important to understand how they fit into the whole Office 365 system, including Teams and Onedrive. This session will give examples of several scenarios in which this functionality can be used. It will also explain key concepts that make it easier to make the right decisions about which features to choose.

Date and time: Thu 27 Oct (12.30-1pm) 

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Getting Started with Vevox

Note: This is an
in-person session

Description: Vevox supports PowerPoint and Microsoft Teams to create interactive presentations. This in-person session will look at the tools available to implement interactivity using polling software. The workshop will cover polls, different question types and formats and accessing and analysing session data. 

Date and time: Wed 26 Oct (10-11am), Windrush Room, 13 Banbury Road, Oxford OX2 6NN

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Active Learning with Vevox

Note: This is an
in-person session

Description: For colleagues familiar with Vevox, this in-person session will share practical ideas for how to use Vevox to support active learning and showcase new features that have recently become available. There will be plenty of time for questions and support from the Vevox team at the end of the session.

Date and time: Wed 26 Oct (11.30am-12.30pm), Windrush Room, 13 Banbury Road, Oxford OX2 6NN  

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